17 terms and tidbits about MJ and chocolates

#1: Cacao trees don’t die.

You just have to rejuvenate them every fifty years through plant grafting.

#2: Cacao trees have the same lifespan as coffee trees.

Almost the same lifespan actually, which is also fifty years.

#3: Scalding.

Verb: it’s when we warm the milk.

#4: I used to do chocolate demos in Masinag. 

This was last February and November 2012, until I brought chocolate demos to my own home.


#5: Sikwate.

It’s a traditional hot choco term usually used in the Visayas region.

#6: Chocolate espeso.

This literally translates to thick chocolate, which was drank only by the rich during the Spanish colonial period.

#7: Chocolate aguada.

This translates to watered down chocolate, usually the leftovers of the rich consumed by the poor.

#8: Couverture.

It’s a French word that translates into a blanket or a covering. Chocolate couverture = chocolate covering.

#9: Polycarbonate molds.

These are the molds we use. They are made in Belgium and cost 1800 pesos. Their lifespan is from ten to twenty years. It costs this much because it’s expensive to inject the plastic into the molds.

#10: Betaprime crystals.

You have to temper them so that there’s a snap when you eat the chocolate.

#11: Question: What did they do when there was no thermometer back in the day?

Answer: They used to put some chocolate on their lips to check the temperature since it’s the thinnest skin on the body.

#12: Marble.

It is usually 20 degrees lower than the surrounding temperature, which is why marble worktops are great for chocolate making.

#13: Where’s a good place to get chocolates in Spain?

Madrid and Barcelona.

#14: We need to slice the chocolate into small pieces.

So it melts faster and evenly.

#15: You can use balancing equations when formulating recipes!

Chemistry in everyday life!

#16: Chocolate is sensitive to odor.

It can smell like the food which is put near it, so you should keep it in the veggie compartment of your refrigerator and in air tight container.

#17: A hungry conversation.

Kuya MJ: They usually promote baking.

Brian: Bacon?


Photos credits: Jeff de Guzman


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