6 Guide Questions to Traveling Cheaply

by | Sep 11, 2017

Traveling is often times branded as a luxury because unless you have deep pockets, it would be such a pain in the wallet to go to places. I’m pretty sure that if we all have that, we probably would’ve been to all of the countries and islands by now. But alas, we have to make do with what we currently have. It is so easy to overspend on something if you don’t keep an eye on your expenses, so here are 6 guide questions to keep in mind in order to travel cheaply.


1. What do I want to see there?





This is a question for your focus on your travel budget, which we already established as a crucial game in traveling. An effective way for you to be conscious about it is thinking about your destination. Focus the largest portion of your budget on what you want to see or experience in that place.  You can also use the holy trinity as a guide for your traveling budget, and that would be (1) accommodation, (2) transportation, and (3) food and drinks. Set aside travel emergency fund as well.


2. Am I traveling to a fancy hotel or not?





This is a question for your accommodation, and more than likely the answer would be the latter. It isn’t bad to get a hotel of your choice,  as your convenience will always be a priority. I’m not forcing you to stay in a sketchy hostel, either. But if you’re going to spend a bigger chunk of your day outdoors, it is more wallet-friendly to scrimp a little on hotels. Remember that you are paying extra for the logos and amenities that you probably can do without.


3. What can I bring with me that I already own?





This is a question on what resources you already have that can minimize your traveling expenses. An example would be carrying around a water bottle with you during walks. Almost every establishments would be willing to refill your bottle so you don’t have to buy another once you’re finished. Other items could be your bag essentials like tissues, snacks, slippers, etc. The price could look little, but it will add up after some time.


4. Does this represent my experience?





This is a question on the souvenirs you’re planning to buy. I admit, I’m partly guilty at taking home mass-produced printed tees, fridge magnets and little trinkets of places I’ve been to. But the way for you to travel cheap is to only bring home things that represent the culture and experience you’ve been through. Not only are you buying just a few things, you also know that your souvenirs has more significance to you.


5. What is this place’s food specialty?



This is a question on what food items are you splurging your money on. Eating out for your three meals could be expensive so you have to choose wisely which of the three. If you can make your own food for breakfast or any meals at your hotel, do it. When you do eat out, ask yourself if you’re going to spend more on drinks, food or dessert. It is also notably wise to eat like a local, for you’re steering clear of commercial restaurants where prices could be jacked up and you’re getting an authentic taste of your destination.


6. Do I really have to go there?





Tourist destinations and capital cities can be quite costly, and that is inevitable in any country. Not to mention thousands of tourists could be with you at the same place, at same time. Of course I cannot tell you not to visit them but you might want to try out some less-travelled spots where the origins of the place (like it’s status, culture and people) are still kept intact and commercialism is not that high. Ask yourself if it’s worth going somewhere where everybody has already traveled to, just for the sake and picture of it.



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