7 People You Should Be With When Travelling

by | Dec 25, 2017


1. The Camera Addict


They do not mind taking your pictures. What’s even great is that, they use DSLR to take good quality photos. They will give you the best angle, lighting, exposure, so that, it would be your next profile photo. They will go beyond the average travelers photography efforts, making it sure that it would be Instagram worthy.

Cons: Carrying too much equipment for the shoot. Longer time in staying in a particular area.


2. The Itinerary Guru


Your trip schedule from sunrise to lights-out are already planned out by this friend. You do not have to worry where to eat, where to go or even how to go there. Everything is already planned. Some of them even have the itinerary made in Excel file or PowerPoint slides.

Several hours are spent to make this itinerary close to perfection, so make sure to acknowledge it.

Cons: They sometimes get cranky when the schedule is not followed.


3. The On-the-Go-er


Sleeping in a hammock? Eating scary local delicacies? Cliff Diving? No Problem! Easy to go with people with no hesitations in saying yes in all the adventures presented to them. No time will be wasted thinking if you guys should do this and that, they will jump right in and ——YOLO!

Definitely not a party pooper!

Cons: They’re very active and chill vacations may not be suitable for them.


4. The Haggler


They are perfect buddies when you go to night market, souvenir shops and local food stalls. They have the mindset that sellers usually have high profit margin, especially to the tourist. They will use their persuasive skills to get their money’s worth. Who knows, maybe the money changer would also give you a higher rate.

Cons: Longer time spent for shopping.


5. The Navigator


Google Maps offline? Tripadvisor? Yes! They have it all! Every travelers need is all in their smart phone. Yup! They remember the route effortlessly, so you are sure you will be back in your hotel in no time! When uncertainty arises, they are quick thinker, optimistic and determined to have a smooth trip. They love to talk to locals, and ask them for stories, directions, and suggestions. They become handy, when you are the shy type person.

Cons: They usually like to walk a lot!


6. The Travel Book-er


Xiexie! Salamat! Makasih! Not only they know some of the phrases of those country, they’ve also read the history of it. You do not need a guide anymore to tell you the history of the Ming Dynasty or how the greatwall of china was built. They will share you all of the stuff they’ve read and learned. They also know some secrets of which place should you guys go to fully appreciate what the country can offer.

Cons: They talk a lot! (which is not usually a bad thing!)


7. The Backpacker


Always overweight? No problem, being friends with backpackers will surely be at your advantage. Group check-in would be your best friend! Backpackers are very particular in what they bring. It may be a light weight towel, ultra-thin jacket, etc. They do not compromise what they bring, instead they buy travel friendly items.

Make sure they didn’t pick the no-baggage option.

Cons: They ask toiletries from you.


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