Traveling helps me discover my purpose. Being on the road towards the unknown helps me rediscover myself and my purpose. It gives me a strong sense of ‘me’ by seeing how the ‘self’ responds and react to different kinds of unique mystery, surprises and moments ahead of the journey.

By traveling, one becomes vulnerable and open to new experiences. One becomes ready for possibilities that our minds and emotions can never fathom inside a room or in our day-to-day routines. This vulnerability allows us to let these experiences shape us to become better individuals. This openness enables us to see the world and ourselves differently.

In every experience, it involves people especially the locals who see the destination as their home. By being open to possibilities, we let stereotypes and biases get taken away as we open ourselves to these experiences of the locals. Ultimately, we uncover the mystery of ourselves and our purpose as we discover the unknown with the locals and the experiences we have with them.




Photos credits: Jeff de Guzman

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