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Cebu is one of the country’s top destinations that come to mind when travel is talked about. Not only can Cebuanos boast of very beautiful scenic spots but they also have a lot of local culture to share. Their culture is more Filipino than what you get from people in Manila who may be regarded as more Americanized in mindset and practice. There are different ways on how one can get around and discover more of what Cebu has to offer. One can move along with the conventional way of city tour where a guide explains the sites with detailed history and one can also join the new form of city tour where guests just walk to go around the city to feel more immersed in the local environment. Because of the surge of the new mindset in travel, guides have also evolved to keep up with the demands of the market in terms of guiding. Now, not only do guides have to be knowledgeable about the place but they also have to be very resourceful and artistic to make sure that they keep their guests entertained. They can do this by humanizing their stories by injecting personal stories and making it more real for their audience.  Apart from the conventional tours, there has also been a continuous discovery of off the beaten destinations and activities that are not conventional.


One of them is the biking adventure trail that Cebu Mountain Bike Adventures can offer. Fear not that this activity is only for professional bikers because even beginners can also join in. There are different tracks for different levels of expertise from beginner to professional ones. Their guides are really friendly and accommodating, I remember how one of our friends did not know how to ride a bike and he was even given a crash course on how to maneuver a bike.  We went on the hills that looked more like New Zealand than Philippines with the view of cows and lush greenery down to the lake and a very sumptuous Boodle meal that is really very Filipino. Nowadays, it is hard to find a place where they serve the traditional local Filipino kind but I have to say the house we stayed at for lunch and the way Nanay (Term used for old women) cooked the roasted pork really made me go back in time and remember what being Filipino was all about. This is really one memorable experience.


But Cebu can’t be Cebu without food and delicacies, one of the hidden gems in this city is cottage industry turned big time business, Ralfe Gourmet Chocolates or The Chocolate Chamber which serves and sells different kinds of flavored Hot Tsokolate and truffles that are truly Filipino. They also have a Museo de Tsokolate-only one in the Philippines where people can interact and see the whole process of how cocoa is turned from plant to consumable ready chocolate.  


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