Meet Mukhasim (short for Mukhang Maasim, or Sour Face in English) as called by the locals of the Malcapuya Island in Palawan.

He sells Banana Cue in the island, collects entrance fees and earns from commissions. Whenever you buy a Banana Cue from him, he will do his signature “Mukhasim” face as a sign of gratitude.

At first glance, people find this photo of his face very amusing and funny, but like many of us – he’s also your day-to-day neighbour who smiles, who laughs and who earns a living.

So, do take a trip to the beautiful Malcapuya island, not just for the white beach, but to witness Mukhasim’s outstanding talent and story as a local of the island.

Always remember that travelling is not all about the photogenic places alone, but it’s ultimately about a discovery of the people and the stories of the people in the places that we go to.


Photos credits: Andrew Cua

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