I travel because I love being awe-inspired. There’s nothing quite like that feeling when you’ve hit “Eureka” moments, or simply immerse in alien environments that leave you bewildered. I think the real beauty and joy that comes with traveling it not just being lost in body, but also lost in spirit and mind.

Wherever I travel, I always find myself in new experiences. More often than not, I am left unprepared to appreciate the vast wonders of the world around me, and even more so for the humble, lively people that add color to this canvas. The Earth itself is already a beautiful work of art, but it is in the souls and humanity of people that truly make it a masterpiece.

To some extent, traveling upholds the “To see is to believe.” mentality. True enough, it is only when we see things unknown to us, that our mind begins to open up and believe in different beliefs, cultures, and perspectives. Our awareness broadens as we expand our horizons and adventure into the frontier. But most of all, we get to see what’s beyond our everyday lives, to see what’s beyond the mission of an individual, and ultimately see the purpose of humanity as a loving society on this planet.




Photos credits: Jeff de Guzman

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