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There’s so much to encounter within the vicinity of Southeast Asia, it gets hard to tell which experiences are worth trying! Save your time and energy by getting informed with these certified bucket list activities.

Amazing Facts That You Should Know About Sandugo

Every Filipino is accustomed to prepare for festivals. Filipinos are known to be hospitable, warm and accommodating not only to friends and families but also to everyone around the globe. It was this certain homey vibe that most tourists would definitely look forward...

How to Pack Like A Professional Travel Blogger

  My traveling stint took me back more than 20 years ago when I embarked on my first journey to our province. Imagine a 5 or 6 year old kid tasked to bring all of her stuff and be in the mountains for 2 weeks or for the entire summer break [which spans up to 2...


  Cebu is one of the country’s top destinations that come to mind when travel is talked about. Not only can Cebuanos boast of very beautiful scenic spots but they also have a lot of local culture to share. Their culture is more Filipino than what you get from people...

My 4 Annual Tagaytay Go-To Places

  We all have that familiar spots that our families visit as an annual tradition. For my family, that is Tagaytay. We love it not only for the chilly weather, but for that feeling of escape that it gives, away from the busyness of our everyday lives. Over the...

7 Must Visit Restaurants Around Taft

  1. 8065 Bagnet     @ayramae,   As the name says, Bagnet is their specialty, so if you’re craving for some deep fried pork belly, this is the place to go. Make sure to come early since the place usually gets packed around lunch time,...

7 Must Try Restaurants Inside UP Diliman

  1. Snack Shack     Snack Shack,   Snack Shack is one of the first establishments you’ll see once you enter UP Diliman’s Area 2. It offers freshly grilled juicy burgers, which are a hit among students and professionals alike. In fact,...

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