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Travelling is not all about the photogenic places alone, but ultimately about a discovery of the people and the stories of the people in the places that we visit. Get acquainted with these favorable personalities!

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Master Arnold

It’s easy to say that you’re a sports enthusiast or an athlete. But to stick to a certain sport for forty years is a whole different story! Get to know more about the humble man who became a key figure in the history of Wushu in the Philippines.

Jeff de Guzman

    Nothing gives me greater joy than traveling to new places with only my essentials, and my trusty camera. With every place that I visit, I try to capture the moments around me through my own interpretation. For me, even crowded tourist spots, which most...

Erin Sotto

    I travel to get disconnected. Travelling gives me a break from reality while still being able to live life as it is, away from the internet and my fast paced lifestyle. There was a time when I went on a five day vacation to Palawan without any gadgets....

Sean Chan

    I travel because I love being awe-inspired. There's nothing quite like that feeling when you've hit "Eureka" moments, or simply immerse in alien environments that leave you bewildered. I think the real beauty and joy that comes with traveling it not just...

Andrew Cua

    Traveling helps me discover my purpose. Being on the road towards the unknown helps me rediscover myself and my purpose. It gives me a strong sense of ‘me’ by seeing how the ‘self’ responds and react to different kinds of unique mystery, surprises and...

MJ Mercado

MJ Mercado Chocolatier Yes, that’s a noun, not a comparative adjective. He’s a chocolatier, not a chocolate maker. What’s the diff? In simple terms, a chocolatier is someone who makes chocolates, those dipped, nutty, or cream-filled confections that we all know and...


Meet Mukhasim (short for Mukhang Maasim, or Sour Face in English) as called by the locals of the Malcapuya Island in Palawan. He sells Banana Cue in the island, collects entrance fees and earns from commissions. Whenever you buy a Banana Cue from him, he will do his...

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