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A few trusted tips and tricks can make all the difference wherever you decide to venture next. Unleash your inner girl scout — it never hurts to research prior to your trip. You might just be faced with a situation where these hacks can apply!

20 Yoga Poses for Healing

When an opportunity for a vacation arises, we get all giddy and excited, especially those of us who need it more than others. We all need to give our minds a break once in awhile, whether it may be that we planned a destination millions of miles away from home or even...

12 Rainy Season Friendly Places in Visayas

Hello June! As far as we here at Tralulu are concerned, the summer season is over in the Philippines, like in most Southeast Asian tropical countries. Goodbye heat (YES!), artificial wind, high season, expensive flights, overcrowded beaches, subtle free time and...

3 Hiking Tips For Beginner Hikers

The struggle of packing has affected millions of wanderers, mainly because of how much effort needed to put in to fully pack one bag. It’s either because of too much excitement for the much awaited trip, or getting lazy to pack for anything longer than an overnight....

13 Things You Need to Do Before Summer Ends

If you're the average person, you will surely agree that the world is vast --- there’s not enough time to explore it fully. Take a break from the city life and escape to a few adventures while the season is still in. Don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas to...

7 Valentine’s Destinations for the Single Wanderer

February is the month of love! Unfortunately, not every person has something to look forward to with their S/O (or lack of). Well hey, we can live without one and travel is the ideal remedy for it! For all the proud singles, heartbroken, NBSB’s, NGSB’s, or whatever...

5 Hidden Food Spots You Never Knew Were in Binondo

Ni Hao! (That’s Mandarin for Hello if you didn’t know) Now, let’s get down to the big reveal… But first, as someone who POSSIBLY, LITERALLY KNOWS NOTHING about the oldest Chinatown in the World aka Binondo, have you ever found these thoughts familiar? “Okay, I’m here…...

5 Things to Expect in Pahiyas Festival

The Pahiyas Festival has always been popular in the municipality of Lucban Quezon. This colorful festival is celebrated to give thanks and celebrate for the good harvest and fortune of the locals of Lucban.

4 Tips For Your Cave Connection in Sagada

Sagada is a municipality located in Mountain Province in the Cordillera, the mountainous region in the northern part of Luzon. Being located over a thousand meters above sea level, this small town is famous for its cool weather, breathtaking views from cliffs, and rich indigenous cultures and traditions.

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