Travel Mini Map: Bali Edition

by | Jun 30, 2017

Luscious layers of rice terraces, exquisite black beaches, unorthodox animals, and alluring volcanoes backdropped with the most divine sunsets and sunrises on Earth. Where and how do all these wonders exist in one place alone? They do at Bali, the famed “Island of the Gods”!


1. Mas Ubud



Discover culture at its finest through an immersion into the Balinese traditions as well as lifestyle and faith right at the heart of Bali at Mas Ubud! Some must-experience forms of recreation in this little village are the Balinese Legong Dance, the Ramayana Balet, the Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppet, and the Agnihotra Spiritual Healing. Mas Ubud is also largely known for its livelihood in wood carving. Partake in the opportunity of becoming a wood carver and take home some of the best sculptures in the world as souvenirs! Most of these activities require special insider access, so you might want to consult a local guide before trying them out!



2. Lovina Beach



Explore what is referred to as “the island of the gods”! The coast of Lovina is a fabulous black beach! Here, get to witness an endless view of the northern coast and see its beauty while having those bites of local favorite dishes. Be sure to spot some dolphins while you’re soaking up the sun!




3. Singaraja



Submerge yourselves in the aquatic sights of northern Bali, literally! Northern Bali has such a huge diversity of landscapes and terrains, and that includes Singaraja. Undergo a visit to a fruit and flower market, witness the aquatic lifestyle of Balinese, and see how it impacts their local faith ranging from waterfalls, beach, and lake. Did we mention that Singaraja is Indonesian for “Lion King”?



4. Batur Volcano



Aside from Bali’s fascinating villages and picturesque rice fields, you must educate yourselves on its spectacular lakes and volcanos! Mount Batur, 1717 meters above sea level, is the most popular volcano in Bali. Upon seeing the view on top, we’ll leave you as the judges for this fact! Note: its last eruption was back in 2000, which is why it is considered an active volcano. Don’t worry, the locals will be there to tell you if it is safe for viewing!



5. West Bali National Park


The West Bali National Park, which has almost 200,000 acres of mangrove swamps and arid forests, is definitely a crucial natural treasure for you to witness firsthand! This park is home to key species such as the Bali starling, notable for being the island’s mascot, and the Rothschild’s mynah, a white soft bird with blue bands surrounding its eyes that can only be found here with limited species remaining in the world. The mouse deer, the barking deer, monkeys, leopards, and civets to also inhabit this portion of Bali. Prepare those outdoor outfits and devices to capture memories as you take on an adventure to discover Bali’s hidden and off-the-beaten forests!




6. Karangasem East Coast



If the USA has its famous East Coast, so does Bali! The east coast of Bali is filled with ancient traditions that one shouldn’t miss to grasp the living tradition of the Balinese, such as salt panning, which remains the villagers’ main livelihood. Unveil more secrets of Bali’s East Coast in the lens of the locals to know its heritage, history and heart!


7. Batukaru Mountains



Experience more natural creations through an excursion to the rural heartland of the island of Bali! Your trip to the Batukaru Mountains will highlight the natural charms of the  raw yet scenic beauty of the island undergoing adventures to its ancient agricultural places, rice paddies, and local markets. Here’s a bonus detour: stop at the ancient little-known temple of Batu Karu that’s mysteriously built on lush vegetation.



8. Taman Ayun Temple



Situated in the Mengwi Village of Badung District lies the Bali Taman Ayun Temple. You can also refer to it as a temple in a beautiful garden, which is what the name precisely translates to. This temple was built by a Mengwi King, I Gusti Agung Putu, in the Javanese year of 1556. Initially, I Gusti Agung Putu built a temple for the worship of his ancestors. Today, not only is the Taman Ayun Temple open to the public, but this temple is also included in World Heritage List.



9. Sekumpul Waterfall



Discover this hidden waterfall in the North of Bali! On the way to the falls, you will be surprised to see an abundance of fruit trees — such as durian and rambutan — around the village. Even before you reach the Sekumpul Waterfall, you will be amazed at how many other waterfalls can be found around the area, yet the twin waterfalls are the real deal. Upon arrival here after a tiring climb, you will immediately feel relaxed and at peace.



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  1. Beth Jarrett

    Your photos are incredible! I am hoping to go to Bali in 2019. I already have my itinerary planned! I think it would be an incredible place to visit.

  2. Jasmin

    I can’t believe there is so much in Bali! I always thought it’s just beaches and temples but the rest of it looks gorgeous as well. Thanks for this, such a great inspiration for my future trips to Indonesia!

  3. ciara

    Wow, this is really beautiful. Lucky you having visited there. Gorgeous photos

  4. Bee

    I went to Bali a few years ago and wish I could have explored the island more. We lucked out with bad monsoon weather, but those beaches and waterfalls are def on my list should I go back. I had no idea they had a native deer!

  5. Umberta

    I would love to go back to Bali so much! I keep reading posts about it! i remember hiking a volcano to see the sunrise from the top like an amazing experience! And the beach & the surf!! so beautiful!

  6. Dalal

    Bali is one of my favourite destinations. But that deer on the beach is just epic haha!


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